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Roorkhee / Campaign / Safari / Camp Chair

No matter what you call these chairs it's hard to deny the rugged good looks and the go-anywhere versatility they posess. Equally at home in a formal living room or a rugged campsite. I'm excited to build another one of these comfy wonder chairs for a client. This one will have a matching ottoman like the image I found above via Google. The client chose Mahogany for the wood frame and a beautiful medium brown English bridle leather for the seat.  Had it been left up to me I would have chosen a leather/wood combination that had more contrast, but I must say I find his selection to be especially handsome.

All project start the same way

Cut to rough size, left to acclimate.

Fortunately I was able to find a single board large enough to cut all the chair and ottoman parts from. This ensures the parts all have the same color, and helps with uniformity of appearance. And to top it off the board was nearly perfectly quartersawn with some of the straightest grain I've ever seen!

Next up, we spin the wood!

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