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Good Furniture Starts with Good Wood

Updated: Jan 24

Chefs know it, good food starts with top quality ingredients and the same holds true with furniture. Not all wood is created equal. The location a tree grew, the composition of the soil, the amount of wind the site receives, the way the log is cut and dried all play a role in determining how stable the lumber from a log will be. For all the reasons listed above I am a picky lumber buyer. Acquiring the wood for a one of a kind piece of furniture is never an easy process, nor should it be. As with many things it's an I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it kind of thing. So after looking in lumber piles and barns and driving all over southern Minnesota chasing promises of 46" wide dry walnut slabs I knew I had struck gold when I saw these book matched Walnut slabs.

90" long x 39" wide x 1.5" thick

These slabs are destined to be a live edge Nakashima style dining table. Stay tuned as I turn these rough slabs into a beautiful table top.

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