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Cherry Bookstand

I love it when a client comes to me with a need that they couldn't satisfy with commercially available products.  Recently I completed a folding bookstand for a client who had burned through a few commercially available bookstands and found them to be lacking.  His primary use for the bookstands is to hold papers while at work.  With this in mind I designed a folding bookstand that I think is both simple and elegant, additionally it is ruggedly made to last.  The main panel is solid cherry with bread board ends.  The bread boards are designed to allow the panel to expand and contract with changes in seasonal humid and they will keep the panel flat over time. I used Peruvian Walnut pegs to attach the bread board ends and the lower shelf accent is Peruvian Walnut as well.  I sized the main panel so three sheets of standard paper can fit side by side by side. When folded down three rare earth magnets hold the bookstand closed.

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